Switching from a Covington LA Bank to a Credit Union? Part 2 …

So we talked about how easy it is for a customer to switch from a bank to a credit union using a credit union sponsored Switch Kit. So incredibly easy. Yet, consumers sometimes STILL hesitate to switch to a credit union.

We once did a focus group to pinpoint why people do or do not take the big switch. The answer was no surprise – The 2 factors that were cited repeatedly were
1) convenience and
2) money

We will address convenience here.

Yes, most credit unions have limited branches because any profits go straight back to customers in the form of lower loan rates or increased savings rates.

FCFCU has 2 branches. BUT many credit unions belong to a shared branch network.

What does that mean to you?

It means any credit union belonging to this network around the country can transact business for you, representing your local credit union. You can do business with FCFCU at thousands, thousands! of branches across the nation.

With this in mind, FCFCU has 7 “branches” around St Tammany and even more on the south shore.

7 branches … That’s lots of convenience.