Superstitions About Money

Many people become superstitious on Halloween.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, we have compiled a list of superstitions about money.  We hope your holiday is filled with many treats and few tricks!

Jack-o-lanterns•    The ancient Greeks threw coins into their wells to keep them from going dry. Today, we toss coins into wells and fountains for good fortune.
•    If the palm of your right hand is itchy, money will come to you. But if you scratch it, the money won’t come. If your left palm is itchy, it means you will have to pay for something—so by all means scratch it!
•    When you give a wallet or purse to someone as a gift, placing money in it, even a penny, ensures that the recipient will never be without.
•    It is said that money attracts money, so never leave your pockets, purse, or wallet completely empty and never completely empty your bank account. Always keep at least a coin or two with you.
•    When you find money, even if it’s only a penny, it means you’ll receive more money soon. If you are walking in the street and you see a coin or a bill, always pick it up as it will attract more your way.
•    A bee landing on your hand indicates that wealth is on its way to you.
•    Naming a child Penny ensures that she will enjoy good fortune throughout her life.
•    Writing with green ink whenever you can means profits will flow freely from your hand.

Money Superstitions (2011)
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