Extra Incentive to Finish Strong on Year-end Report Card

Many area school children are currently enjoying spring break, or will be very soon.  Once break is over, there will be approximately two months left in the school year before the official start of summer vacation.

Report CardHopefully spring break will give your children a chance to have fun and return to school with renewed vigor to complete the year with good grades.  In case they are in need of a little extra motivation, it may help to remind them that First Castle’s Castle Kids Account will reward them with a dollar for every ‘A’ on their final report card!*

If your children do not yet have a Castle Kids Account, now is the perfect time for a trip to First Castle to get them started on the fun!  Opening the account is quick and easy, requires their Social Security Card and Birth Certificate, as well as the Driver’s License of a parent or guardian.  Our Castle Kids Account also offers a high rate of interest, special tools to make saving money fun, and even has its own mascot, Dinero the Dragon.

*Must have $50 on deposit, $5.00 maximum.